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Comparison Essay The Lovely Bones vs The Kite Runner

After a traumatic experience some people hide their painful emotions by pulling away and withdrawing from those they have hurt. However, some are able to recognize the pain and harm they have caused from becoming disconnected from those they should be closest to, and do their best to repair the damage. Alice Sebold, Author of The Lovely Bones and Khaled Hosseini, Author of The Kite Runner tell of dysfunctional responses to grief and emotional pain. Abigal of The Lovely Bones, and Amir of The Kite Runner are both emotionally immature, and do not know how to handle their feelings appropriately. Both these protagonists run away from their fears and pain and the ones who hold them close.

In the end of both novels Abigal and Amir are able to return to their loved ones, and face their own shortfalls. Both these characters are given second chances. For Abigal, it is when she goes to the hospital to face her estranged husband after his heart attack, and for amir Amir it is when he rescues Hassan’s son to mend family ties. The personalities of both Abigal and Amir demonstrate that they have experienced emotional growth, leading them to a last chance for atonement and reconnection.

Emotional immaturity can lead some to deal with trauma in a dysfunctional way. In the book The Kite Runner, Amir had been looking for Hassan after winning the kite running competition. Loyal Hassan had left to chase after the prize kite. When Amir finally located Hassan he froze, he stood by in shock unable to respond:

There were two things amid the garbage that I couldn’t
Stop looking at: one was the blue kite resting against the wall, Close to the cast- iron stove; the other was Hassan’s brown corduroy Pants thrown on a heap of eroded bricks. Hosseini 80.

At a time when...
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