Topics: Environment, Kokoda Track, Natural environment Pages: 2 (669 words) Published: May 20, 2013
I think that the movie Kokoda was somewhat an accurate re-enactment of the real thing. Although in the real thing it would have been a lot more violent and scary. The soldiers would have been similar and the environmental surroundings were also pretty much the same. Some aspects that might not be as accurate would be how “harsh” it was because the producer was limited to an M rating. The soldiers in the movie were exactly as they were described; they were quite rude at times but when it came down to brotherhood they were very close, always looking out for each other. Over a period of 9 months together in squads they would have been through a lot, sympathising with each other. The soldiers wore camouflaging clothes. Wide-brimmed hats and carried an Owen gun. They wore thin clothes not fit for the environment and boots that didn’t last long, breaking apart or having holes in them. At that point, all the soldiers had the same goal; to get it done and over with so they can go home. Most were determined to “win” so that they would be looked up upon by fellow Australians as a hero who helped save Australia. During this time Australia was still quite outback therefore swearing a lot, sticking to the Bogan stereotype. I think that the soldiers might have used swearing as a way to express themselves because a lot of them got angry in the movie when the Japanese were shooting them. The environment on the Kokoda trail was very humid, because it was surrounded/in a forest in the mountains. There were many deadly insects/animals and diseases that could be caught from the environment. It was always so cold in the forest. Soldiers had thin clothes and boots that didn’t quite protect them from nature. Mud was a very big problem, it carried a lot of bacteria and soldiers were often covered from head to toe with mud. They didn’t have water to wash food or sanitise so things were left as they were full of viruses. There was a lot of moisture in the air that would stick to the...

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