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Contemporary Nutrition Project
1. 11 Emergency Food Items That Can Last a Lifetime
This article mainly educates the readers on which foods last the longest if properly stored. It gave me information on some of the everyday foods such as sugar, salt, wheat, etc. It’s broken down on what is the food item and what is used for. The author says “The best way to store food for the long term is by using a multi-barrier system.” The system protects the food from moisture and sunlight and from insect infestations. It’s a very useful method that people could follow and save lots of money. 2. Survival Food Series: 3 Ways To Naturally Make Yeast

In this article, the author explains what yeast is and how to make it. The author explains, “Some yeasts are made for making bread and baked goods, and some yeasts are made for distilling spirits.”  Fruits, vegetables, herbs, and all edible sources have yeast living on its surface. The author explains different ways to make yeast and flavors to make for our favorite bread recipe. This article gave me a different outlook on yeast and how important it really is. 3. Be Nutrition Ready and Store Super Foods

The author explains the important foods that will benefit us in the long run and strengthen us during a survival crisis. The author includes “these types of foods are also known as super foods, and have health promoting or disease fighting properties beyond the basic function of supplying nutrients.” The foods that he mentions are berries, broccoli, carrots, oats, nuts, tomatoes, spinach, etc. Saving these types of food will provide people with vitamins and give the body fuel to sustain during an emergency situation. It can be frozen, fresh, or canned; the person will still get all the benefits. 4. Say No to Soda, Yes to Healthy Drinks

This article was helpful; it broke down the definition of soda, and what it really does to our body. "If you're choosing a soda, chances are you aren't choosing a healthy beverage,"...
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