Topics: Arthur C. Clarke, Stanley Kubrick, Science fiction Pages: 2 (755 words) Published: April 3, 2013
It’s an underlying fact that humans die, show emotion and have feelings, grasping the concept of humanity in contrast to also known as the “other” an imaginary based element contemplated in the genre humanist science fiction. Humanist science fiction is a genre largely based on about alternative possible worlds of future. A text that has been widely known for its humanist and scientific principles is a wide world known book also been acknowledged for its genre war of the worlds written by HG Wells inclusive a film in relation to the genre humanist science fiction is a film by Stanley Kubrick A 2001 space odyssey. The progression of exploring humanist and scientific perspective allows the audience to have a vast intellect. The central theme that underlies through both the text and film is through the many overcoming obstacles humans protect one another, learn to survive with hope leading to humanity victorious. This sense is built up from the many uses of poetic devices such as imagery, sound, voice, mood and atmosphere. Both text war of the worlds and film a 2001 space odyssey the orientation has built up from humanity finds a mysterious obviously extra- terrestrial object also known as the “other” in this two cases in war of the worlds the Martians and A 2001 space the computer HAL is symbolised as the “other”. The composer creates the ‘’other” through the clever use of imagery enabling the concept of the “other” to be surreal for both novel and film prior to this H.G wells and Kubrick have both produced the translucence of the “other” through a binary. The composer creates the other through the uses of imagery, voice and sound. The technique imagery associates in the creation of the Martians as it’s described in the text “metallic, shiny, glittering, long tentacle like” and HAL’s described as a “singular, red, metallic, shiny, no limbs, angular, not organic, square” illustrating a vivid creation of the other. The sound and voice implicates a great impact in the...
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