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3. Teenage years

4. Education


My name is Gloria Sabado, I was born on August 09th 1996 in the Port Moresby General Hospital. I come from a mix parentage, my parents Louisa Maikai Sabado from Siviri kerema and my Father Ernie Manaclang Sabado from Pangasinan Philippines. I have one sibling, my elder sister Nisa Sabado Buzetzky who is now happily married and has one daughter Myla Rose Buzetzky.

In my toddler years my family and I travelled most of the time, so we did not have a steady home. Life at that point to me was perfect, born into a family who were caring and loving and supportive was the best.

Having my sister being nine years older than me was difficult at the same time helpful. There was always times were I needed to talk to her but couldn’t because my sister was older than me, but she set an example every time, I learnt from all her mistakes.

My life has been a roller coaster ride. My family and I shared love, happiness, doubts, loss, and sadness.

Early years

In my early childhood we did not have much, my father worked as an architect with a small construction firm and my mother did not have any qualifications therefore she had to stay home and look after my sister and I.

Our first home was in Gerehu stage six and growing up in that area was not safe especially being mix raced. Every now and then when my father drives out of the house to go to drop my sister off at school and go to work he would regularly get hijacked by robbers and they would take all his belongings leaving him empty handed alongside my sister.

Due to that factor my dad sacrifice part of his savings to rent our family a suitable home that was safe and a good environment for us to grow up in.

When I turned three and a half years old the company that my dad had worked with fell into bankruptcy and was forced to leave the country to go back to Philippines.

And as I recall my mother say to me, two nights before he was going to leave he looked around at the house he had rented looked at my mother crying and looked at my sister and I sleeping and thought to himself how can he leave with all his hard work laying right in front of his eyes and made a decision.

He used the money he had saved for my sister’s university to start his own business so he doesn’t have to leave us behind. Once he had he’s business running, he started small maintenance projects then he expanded he’s company onto doing bigger construction work for some known companies around PNG.

My mother being very young when having met my father at the age of fifteen years old did not know any other way to take care of my sister and I, and when my father made the sacrifice to stay she was overjoyed with happiness.

My sister not having completed her education made both my parents worry so they had to send her to a Tafe institute in Australia to do further studies, when she left it was hard on me because my family and I has been through so much together it was hard to have the feeling of someone leaving and I spent a whole week worrying and feeling so down that each time I talked to my sister I cried. My sister returned the next year and hearing that, to me was exactly like winning a lottery I was so happy, but when she returned she brought news to us that she had not complete her studies whilst in Australia.

As time went on my family’s problems started to get bigger and bigger and it took a toll on everyone and lead us to make big unreasonable decisions.
-On everything that has happen it tells me that, Life isn’t all laughs, smiles and positivity the reality is that life is a challenge and it is our job to make the right choices and make sacrifices to meet others needs and that is a lesson learnt.

Teenage years

Coming to my teenage years it is when I hit my breaking point when...
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