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Topics: Abuse, Child abuse, Physical abuse Pages: 2 (721 words) Published: May 3, 2013
Abuse in the Nursing Homes

March 19, 2013

Many families have the tendency to send their elderly ones to nursing homes because they cannot provide the care to them needed. When in actuality those elderly adults are being abused and mistreated in the nursing homes. At these nursing homes elderly people are only being assisted in dressing, bathing or when they need medical attention. The elderly should be able to live comfortably, be given the respect they deserve and human rights as a citizen of the U.S. The most disappointing thing is these abusive acts are overlooked everyday with thousands of residents’ life in danger. Abuse in nursing homes can result from several situations. First off the staff could already be stressed and take it out on the residents’. Or maybe some of the staff could be new and not know how to properly take care of the residents’ and maybe be undertrained. Now this could all be fixed by hiring trained professionals or better yet people that value and actually care about the residents’ and their jobs. Most could care less about the residents’ and only is doing it for the money so caring for the residents’ is last of their worries, which is abusing the elderly. As we all know the three main types of abuse are physical, mental and emotional, but the main type of abuse being shown to the residents’ is the physical type. Neglect falls into the category of physical abuse. This goes with nurses neglecting the residents’ hygiene, not properly caring for them as in clothing them and feeding on a regular and having no concern to their medical needs. When they suffer from diseases such as dementia they are unaware of what’s happening to them or even going on around them. Mentally residents’ can also be abused in a verbal way. The elderly didn’t ask to be put in nursing homes, so why should they be talk end to in a degrading way? That’s the last thing they should have to endure from nurses since they can’t do anything about it. My...
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