English 102

Topics: Barack Obama, United States, Democratic Party Pages: 2 (689 words) Published: March 19, 2013
Erin Bailey
Carrie McAllister
English 102
27 February 2013
Sitting to Stand
            The role of African Americans has changed drastically in our country since the 1960s. This change truly began after the Civil War when the slaves were freed from the southern states. Efforts to end segregation carried on until they reached their peak in the 1960's. During this time, Martin Luther King Jr., Rosa Parks, and many others made a huge impact on the society for African Americans, including freedom and desegregation in schools, churches, and even the buses. The efforts of everyone in the movement for equal rights for African Americans seemed to come around in 2008, when Barack Obama, an African American Senator from Illinois, was elected president of the United States.             Rosa Parks is known for her act in refusing to give up her seat in the colored section on the bus to a white passenger because the white section was filled. She was immediately arrested for not obeying the bus driver's orders. She stood up for her rights in hope for more freedom and equality. The bus that this event happened in is located in the Henry Ford Museum in Dearborn, Michigan. The bus is part of the Civil Rights exhibit in the museum and symbolizes that freedom was earned not just given. President Barack Obama was photographed on this bus, sitting in the same row that Rosa Parks was arrested in. He is dressed very formal, wearing a suit and tie. He sits straight up with his hands on his lap looking of the window next to him, as if he were imagining the position that Rosa Parks was once in.       This image is posted at the White House and is also found on the Henry Ford Museum website. It is posted at the White House to show how we are all one and to always keep in mind that we were once separated. The main audience is African Americans because they can relate to this and it also could bring them pleasure to know that they are and will always be free. This picture shows that...
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