England and France

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Can you believe that in the past the governments were very different compared to today’s government? The English government was very different compared to the French government, they both had their different ways. Besides the limited government of the English and the absolute government of the French they both have their weaknesses and strengths. I personally believe that the French form of absolutism was the more efficient form because of its strong stability, acceptable rights to the people, and able to make overall progress.

England’s choice of limited government had positives and negatives. In England before the bill of rights they had a monarchy. James I wrote that “for kings are not only Gods lieutenants upon earth and sit upon God’s throne, but even by God himself they are called Gods”. The English civil war was the result of three long-term causes of instability. The three reasons were the problem of multiple kingdoms, the problem of religious division, and the breakdown of a financial and political system in the face of inflation and the rising cost of war says Conrad Russell. Over the years one really good thing that the English did to give power and rights to the people would be they came up with the English bill of rights. John Locke viewed government and people rights as; People are reasonable and moral. Each person is born with natural rights. (Life, liberty and property). Governments are formed to protect these rights. The best government has limited power and is accepted by all citizens. The bill of rights changed the amount of power that the king had leaving Parliament with most of the power. The reason that is good for the people is because this gave a lot of stability to England knowing that the king can’t become a dictator.

Just like the English government the French had good and bad things within their government. The French form of government was very different from England’s limited...
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