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ENGL 221 Technical Report Writing
Final Report

The Final Report is a comprehensive application of everything that has been covered in the course. Your assignment is to prepare a formal business report according to the requirements described below.

Imagine that you are a consultant hired by the Embry Investment Group (EIG) to analyze a company and make a recommendation about whether or not EIG should acquire it. You may choose any company of any size for consideration, as long as it is a public company that issues annual reports.

Content Requirements

Your report will not only offer a recommendation regarding acquisition, it will also provide an abstract, an executive summary, background information about the company, an assessment of the company’s future performance, a description of the analysis methodology, supporting details and data, and references.

Technical Requirements

The final project must be at least 2,000-2,500 words excluding front and back matter, double spaced, with 1-inch margins. You will use “Times New Roman” 12-point font. You must use at least one table (or chart) and two graphics within the body of the report.

You must use at least five (5) references within the body of report, with proper APA citation format. No more than 20% of your paper should be direct quotes. Any direct quotes should be used to support your own analysis and recommendations. Do not copy large sections of content verbatim from other sources.

NOTE: While preparing your Final Report, be sure that you fully understand the APA citation guidelines in Module 10 (there are additional links on the course Resources page). You must properly cite your required five (or more) references both in the body of the report--including quotation marks for direct quotes--and at the end. You must also cite where you obtained facts, ideas, images, and any other content, even if they are not direct quotes. Failure to properly cite sources will open you to serious...
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