Engl1013 Study and Thinking Skills in English Homework Number 1

Topics: Time, Spacetime, Periodization Pages: 4 (1244 words) Published: June 26, 2011
Encode your answers in a short bond paper. Use the internet to answer each question. 1.What is the importance of proper time management? Draw a tentative weekly schedule of your activities this semester (based on your school schedule) including your leisure time, study time, etc. Example: (See attached picture) 1.List at least three qualifications of a good study area. How do you think these features can help you study well? 2.How can the following strategies help you in test-taking: 1.Attending all classes regularly

2.Reading and re-reading requires texts
3.Creating “study tools”
4.Reading directions and questions carefully
5.Using context clues
1.) Here are some importances of proper time management:
1. Control: Proper time management allows you to take some measure of control over your life. By pre-planning your activities you help your days to become ordered. Things come up and you may be forced to change your plan at times, but for the most part, knowing exactly what you need to achieve each day and having a plan to ensure that these things get done, will help you be more in control of your destiny. 2. Productivity: Proper time management allows you to be more productive. When you don’t properly manage your time, you often have too many activities and not enough day. Time gets away from you. To counteract this, write down what you need to get done and allocate a definite and realistic period of time to achieve it. When the time period is up for each activity, move on. Doing this will mean that you at least get some things finished and have moved towards completing the other activities. 3. Confidence: Proper time management gives you confidence. This is partly because you have taken back control of your life. Checking things off your to-do-list will cause your confidence to soar as you realize that you can finish what you start. As your accomplishments grow so will your confidence. 4. Fun: Proper time management allows you to have more time for...
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