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Hughes 1059:
Hughes describe how he lost faith in jesus at the age of twelve. How did the grown-ups in his life contribute to the experience? Hughes says that he lost faith in jesus when he was twelve because jesus never showed up to save him and it was then that he started to believe that there was no jesus because if there really was one that he would come and spare a twelve year old of the misery. The grown-ups in his life contributed to the whole experience in a negative way. They put too much pressure on him to be saved and they kept saying " Langston, why don't you come? Why don't you come and be saved? Oh, Lamb of God! Why don't you come?" And all this compelled Hughes to lie about having the experience of seeing jesus. Zen Parables 1127:

Write a descriptive summary.
Muddy Road:
Tanzan and Ekido were once travelling together down a muddy road when they came across a lady. Tanzan saw that the lady could not cross the road so he helped the lady cross the road by lifting her in his arms and carrying her to the other side. Ediko saw it but he did not question Tanzan about his act. But later that night he could not stop himsef and asked Tanzan why he did so when they as monks are not allowed to go near females. Tanzan said " I left the girl there, are you still carrying her?" A Parable:

Buddha told this story to a parable in a sutra, that once a man travelling across a field came across a tiger. The man ran for his life and the tiger started chasing the man. The man ran and coming to a precipice he swung himself down over the edge holding the root of the wine, only to find another tiger waiting there to eat him. Then two mice started to gnaw away the vine. just then the man saw a stawberry and plucked. he took a bite of the strawberry enjoying his possibly last meal. Learning to be silent:

Four pupils of the Tendai school who were close friends decided to observe silence for seven days. The first day went well but when the night came the lamps began to get dim. One of the students couldn't resist and ordered the servant to fix the lamp. The second pupil heard it and said that they were not allowed to talk, the third called them both stupid for talking and breaking their concentration. While the fourth concluded that he was the only one who did not talk. White 79:

Why does the two track road freak the author out?
The two tracked road freaked the author out because prior to reaching the two track road everything was the same. Just like it was when he used to visit the place with his father. The smell, feel and look of everything was exactly the same. He felt like no time had passed and it was the same boat they were on. When he reached the two track road he realized it was not the same as previously it used to have three tracks to choose from and he said he missed having the third alternative. That made him feel like it was not the same place or how much time had gone by and things have changed so much. Wolfe 126:

In what four way does Wolfe make yagger in to a hero?
Way in which Wolfe makes yagger in to a her are; Yagger influenced all the pilots of his time. All pilots wanted to be like Yagger. They wanted to look like him and be the best like he was. Secondly, He was born in a poor region. This makes everything about him even more dramatic; a poor man who worked his way up yhe ladder. Thirdy, he killed everybody in world war three which makes him very much of a true hero. And lastly when ho was asked to close a canopy he did it even when he had broken ribs because he knew that if everyone found out about his broken ribs he will be asked to leave. Alexie 355:

Discuss how he learns to read with comics, how he refuses to fail at school and how he becomes a writer? He learned to read by comics. He was too young to understand what was written so he would try understanding the story by the pictures. He refused to fail at school because he was not dumb and he could not pretend that he was. He was smart...
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