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Topics: Love, Jeff Ament, Mother Pages: 2 (564 words) Published: February 11, 2015
Henry Gao
Martha Silano
English 101
27 January 2015
The sympathetic tone in Sharon Olds’ “First Thanksgiving” It is quite astonishing how much your life can be changed when you are on your own. It is quite amazing how much a poem can touch your heart so deeply. It is quite astounding how much a poem can be so sympathetic. In “First Thanksgiving” by Sharon Olds, a practical view of the relationship between an anxious mother and her going-to-be-independent daughter has been shown truthfully. As an anxious mother, Olds using three types of tone in the poem. First, the emotion of the tone that Olds feels is an overwhelming sense of love and wants to always have her daughter beside her. Having her daughter home from college gave her feelings of love, reluctance, and hope. The lovely tone describes the scene of old memories were showed in the poem. “When she comes back, from college, I will see / the skin of her upper arms, cool, / matte, glossy. (1)” And “Those nights, I fed her to sleep, / week after week, the moon rising, / and setting, and waxing—whirling, over the months, / in a slow blur, around our planet. (10)” Second, her unbearable and reluctant tone shows that the mother has a hard time grasping the idea of her daughter growing up and going to be independent. Olds using her tone to make the reflection of the past memories in order to reminisce about the time she was beside and close her lovely daughter. Like: “Now she doesn’t need love like that, she has / had it. (14)” And “She will walk in glowing, we will talk, / and then, when she’s fast asleep, I’ll exult / to have her in that room again, behind that door! (15)” Third, the tone is full of wish and hope. Olds recalls that she had a lot of fun by playing with bees and tossed them back into the air in her childhood, but those fun moments will not come back again just like the bees she played with. Suddenly, Olds realizes the best gifts for her daughter are to release her mind at ease and wish her to...

Cited: Young, Kevin (2012-10-16). The Hungry Ear: Poems of Food and Drink (Kindle Location 2653). BLOOMSBURY PUBLISHING. Kindle Edition.
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