ENGL 101 B22 ESSAY 1

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Alexis Chapman
Mrs. Pike
English 101-B22
January 30, 2015
Why homework is bad
Since I was in Kindergarten, I have had homework. I can honestly say that it has not helped me a tremendous amount, but it was crucial that I had at least a few homework assignments over the week. I currently nanny a second grader, Langley and a forth grader, Tanner. Every evening when they get off the bus Langley complains about how much homework she has and then Tanner excitedly states that he has none. This is confusing to me because I do not understand why a second grader has about four assignments a night and the forth grader never brings any homework home except to study for a test. Does it just depend on the teacher you have? I believe that there can be positive affects on having homework some of the time, but when it exceeds a certain amount, it is overwhelming for that child. An exceeding amount of homework can take time away from family and friends, prohibit students from participating in other extracurricular activities, and simply exhaust the child.

Having a close connection/relationship with family is crucial to a child’s health and state of mind. Family is important; especially parents, and when a child is missing quality time with his or her parents it could do emotional damage. When the weather is nice, children should be outside playing with friends, neighbors and family rather than sitting in the house at the kitchen table working out math problems. There have been many of my personal experiences and one’s I have witnessed, where a child could not enjoy the nice weather or go play and get exercise because of the amount of homework they had to do. There are not enough hours in the day for school, homework, playtime, dinner, bath/shower, family time, and then bed. On top of parent’s busy schedules, they have to do their child’s homework and projects. Homework is important to have to help students better themselves, but it should not be five nights a week. There should be optional assignments with teacher comments pointing out student’s weak subjects that students can take home and it will be for the parents to decide if and when their child will participate. Having a few mandatory homework assignments over the week would be fair to the children. It is important that teachers try to fix this problem, and start to focus on how many negative affects homework is having on many students and their families.

It is very possible that some children’s bad attitude’s stems from homework overload, or even just work in general. Keep in mind the high school students that balance homework, their job and an extracurricular activity. I was one of these students, and it got very difficult and stressful. Many high school students quite frequently never see the point in the homework we are sent home with. It just feels like busy work, and these student’s lives are busy enough! Teacher’s and administration are expecting young children, who are full of energy and excitement, to sit at a desk for eight hours a day and watch a teacher stand at the front of a room and lecture with full attention. Students do not even get a long enough lunch break to eat and unwind before returning to classes. At least that is how I felt all through middle and high school. If students start to develop bad attitudes in the classroom towards the work, it starts to affect how they feel about the teacher. When that happens, children will tend to bring that attitude and negative feelings home with them and then it affects the parents and child’s relationship. It is very difficult at times to deal with children’s attitudes, especially when it is geared towards school, the teacher and the homework. Parents basically have to start bribing and convincing their children to go to school the next day because they will “have fun” and hopefully not have too much homework the following night. Why add more stress to parents? We seem to know the problem and solution, but...

Cited: Kohn, Alfie. “Rethinking Homework” www.Alfiekohn.org February 2007.
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