Engineering and the Good Life

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Spring 2014

Philosophy/Engineering 482: Ethics and Engineering
Friday, January 31, 2014

Engineering and the Good Life Essay
Monday, February 17, 2014 at 10:00 AM
Write an essay of at least 1000 words that articulates your vision of the good life for an engineer.
Your essay will be expected to:
(1) include a short introduction that briefly familiarizes your reader with the topic of the paper and outlines your approach to addressing it;
(2) explore and reflect on at least two central or important characteristics that you deem necessary to live a “good life” as a person and as a professional, and how they relate to society as a whole;

(3) consider how these characteristics relate to each other, identify the possible conflicts between them, and propose a way to resolve them; and
(4) conclude by depicting in summary the sketch of your “good life” made above. Your essay should:
(1) include examples that illustrate important concepts and ideas that you introduce, but do this judiciously;
(2) distinguish between what, if anything, can be said of all persons or all engineers and what applies to you alone;
(3) be specific, e.g., do not just say that religion (or professional success, or respect from colleagues, etc.) is important to you, but instead explain which aspects of your religion are most important and how these affect your understanding of a personal, professional, and social “good life”; and

(4) adopt an appropriate tone and approach, for which Kate Soper’s article on “The Mainstreaming of Counter-Consumerist Concern” is an example, though other tones may also be depending on the content of your essay.

You need not research this topic or mention other sources or commentaries. It is one that is best addressed, at least preliminarily, by looking inward rather than outward. If you choose to use external sources, which are not discouraged, they must be properly cited with page numbers in the references. All sources should be...
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