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Engineering and Science Education Program
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The Science Technology Engineering Mathematics Education Program (ESEP) is a science and mathematics-oriented curriculum devised for high schools in the Philippines. The ESEP program is offered by specialized high schools, whether public or private, supervised by the Department of Education. Currently, there are 110 high schools offering the ESEP program, the majority being public. Contents

1 Comparison between the ESEP, the RSHS Union and the PSHS System 2 Academic Programme
2.1 Philippine Science High School (PSHS) Core Curriculum
2.1.1 Electives
2.2 Regional Science High School (RSHS) Curriculum
2.3 Engineering and Science Education Program (ESEP) Curriculum 3 Other programs in other fields
3.1 Technical-Vocational Education Program (TVEP)
3.2 Special Program for Sports (SPS)
3.3 Special Program in the Arts (SPA)
3.4 Special Program in Journalism (SPJ)
4 Special Science Grade School (SSGS)
5 References
Comparison between the ESEP, the RSHS Union and the PSHS System[edit] All three types of science high schools in the Philippines (ESEP high schools, high schools in the Regional Science High School Union and the Philippine Science High School System) offer a curriculum placing importance in mathematics and the sciences, as well as research. It is noted though that the RSHS Union and the PSHS System have higher standards of science and mathematics education than ESEP high schools. Likewise, ESEP high schools and the RSHS Union are operated by Department of Education, while the PSHS system is operated by Department of Science and Technology. In ESEP high schools, transfer students are permitted to enroll provided the student is coming from another ESEP high school, from an RSHS or from the PSHS System. In the Regional Science High School Union and the PSHS System, transfers are only allowed within their respective systems for incoming sophomores only. Students who wish to transfer from an ESEP high school to the RSHS or PSHS systems will not be admitted, although the reverse is permissible. All three types of science high school also maintain different grading systems. ESEP high schools and the RSHS Union apply the standard grading system for high schools in the Philippines, while the PSHS System maintains a unique grading system using the 1.00-5.00 scale. Academic Programme[edit]

Philippine Science High School (PSHS) Core Curriculum[edit]
Curriculum Year Level 1
Curriculum Year Level 2
Curriculum Year Level 3
Curriculum Year Level 4
Integrated Science
Introduction to Biology (Biology 1)
Advanced Biology 1(Biology 2)
Advanced Biology 2 (Biology 3)
Elementary Algebra (Mathematics 1)
Inorganic Chemistry Part 1 (Chemistry 1)
Inorganic Chemistry Part 2 (Chemistry 2)
Advanced Chemistry (Chemistry 3)
Communication Arts 1 (English 1)
General Physics (Physics 1)
Advanced Physics 1 (Physics 2)
Advanced Physics 2 (Physics 3)
Introduction to Computer Science (Computer Science 1)
Plane Geometry (Mathematics 2)
Advanced Algebra and Trigonometry (Mathematics 4)
Elementary Analysis (Mathematics 5)
Sining ng Komunikasyon (Filipino 1)
Advanced Algebra (Mathematics 3)
Software Project Planning (Computer Science 3)
Special Topics in Computer Science (Computer Science 4)
Philippine History & Government (Social Science 1)
Introduction to Programming (Computer Science 2)
Communication Arts, Asian Literature (English 3)
Communication Arts (American and European Literature) (English 4) Introduction to Values Education (Values Education 1)
Communication Arts 2 (English 2)
Malikhaing Pagsulat (Filipino 3)
Panitikang Pilipino (Filipino 4)
Philippine History (Social Science 1)
Pagsusuri at Pagpapahalagang Pampanitikan (Filipino 2)
World History (Social Science 3)
Panitikang Pilipino (Filipino 4)
Physical Ed., Health & Music I (PEHM 1)
Asian Studies (Social Science 2)
Physical Education and Health III (PEH3)...
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