engineer awareness

Topics: Environment, Engineering, Engineer Pages: 3 (988 words) Published: November 25, 2013
Topic : Enginner are increasingly playing a significant role in the nations fast pace davelopment,suggest how enginners can make greater contibution with awareness in safety, health and enviroment and how engineers can abreast with davelopment of technology.

An engineer is a professional practitioner of engineering, concerned with applying scientific knowledge, mathematics, and ingenuity to develop solutions for technical problems. Engineers design materials, structures, and systems while considering the limitations imposed by practicality, regulation, safety, and cost. The work of engineers forms the link between scientific discoveries and their subsequent applications to human needs and quality of life. Engineers apply techniques of engineering analysis in testing, production, or maintenance. Analytical engineers may supervise production in factories and elsewhere, determine the causes of a process failure, and test output to maintain quality. They also estimate the time and cost required to complete projects. Supervisory engineers are responsible for major components or entire projects. Engineering analysis involves the application of scientific analytic principles and processes to reveal the properties and state of the system, device or mechanism under study. Most engineers specialize in one or more engineering disciplines. Numerous specialties are recognized by professional societies, and each of the major branches of engineering has numerous subdivisions. Civil engineering, for example, includes structural and transportation engineering, and materials engineering includes ceramic, metallurgical, and polymer engineering. Engineers also may specialize in one industry, such as motor vehicles, or in one type of technology, such as turbines or semiconductor materials. Engineers can play a significant role in the nation to ensure sustainable solutions always available, considered,implemented fast pace davelopment. Scientists have taken a significant role in...
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