Enger Tower History

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Enger Memorial Tower

Enger Memorial Tower was built in 1939 in order to remember Bert Enger, who immigrated to Duluth from Norway and became a powerful and successful furniture store owner through hard work and dedication. He believed in sharing his success with the city that helped him achieve it and allowed Duluth to develop land near Enger Tower, including the building of a park and a golf course. When he died in 1931 he left two-thirds of his estate to Duluth. In order to commemorate Bert Enger the citry decided to build Enger Memorial Tower.

The 70-foot tower was built on the highest of four mounds in Enger Park and was built by L.J. Kilippen and Son. Bert Enger’s urn was attached to the structure. The tower was made of native bluestone and stood five feet tall. The park also included trails, and a beautiful view of the city. For the dedication ceremony Crown Prince Olav of Norway came to dedicate the memorial. It was the prince’s second dedicatory ceremony while in America, he also dedicated the Norwegian Pavilion at World’s Fair in New York City.

The park’s locations is one of its best assets; it is located on a bluff, overlooking the city. It also has some of the most beautiful gardens in Duluth. One of its gardens is located on a hill and includes dwarf conifers that branch out from rock outcroppings. Another serves as a sort of dedication to Duluth’s sister city, Oh Ara, Japan; this garden has a pavilion and peace bell. Another garden has over 4,000 daffodils in the spring and white birth and poplar trees year-round. Hostas, full trees, and over 200 perennials line the path to the tower.

Location: 16th Avenue West and Skyline Drive
“The whole park has a relaxed and family friendly atmosphere.” -University of Minnesota
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