Engaging God's World Book Summary

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Engaging God’s World and The Call Book Summary
The books that we were required to read for Bible 115 class were Engaging God’s World – A Christian Vision Of Faith, Learning And Living by Cornelius Plantinga Jr. and The Call – Finding And Fulfilling The Central Purpose For Your Life by Os Guinness. Both books offered very useful advice for today’s Christians. Engaging God’s World is written for students and will help them make sense of their education in a Christian perspective. Both authors use scripture, humor and common sense to validate their points. In Engaging God’s World, Plantinga looks at Christian higher education and how it fits into the world. It is intended to help Christian teenagers, college students and young adults demonstrate intelligent, articulate, authentic faith. “Learning is a spiritual calling. Properly done, it attaches us to God”, says Plantinga. The chapters – “Longing and Hope”, “Creation”, “The Fall”, “Redemption”, and “Vocation In The Kingdom Of God” – articulately lay out the main themes of Christianity. In the Chapter 1 entitled “Longing and Hope”, Plantinga discusses the longings of the human spirit. There is a desire in all of us to seek out more. Our longings and desires cannot be met on our own but through God. Plantinga also discusses the human desire for hope, not just for ourselves, but for the future of others. Faith in Jesus Chris is required for true hope. “Biblical hope – the real thing – must have faith on one side of it and love on the other. In the Chapter 2 entitled “Creation”, Plantinga very eloquently describes the Godly Creation. Plantinga’s writes that Jesus - as part of the Holy Trinity - was present at creation. I have never thought about Jesus’ existence prior to His Earthly birth and I found this very thought provoking. Later in the chapter, creation is described. Plantinga explains why God created by stating, “Creation was a way for God to spend Himself” and “From eternity God has had a communal life...
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