Engage in Personal Development in Health and Social Care

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Please answer the following questions
1. CU1531 - 1.1
Write a report describing the duties and responsibilities of your own role – what you actually do. * Assist service users who need help with getting up in the morning, dressing/undressing, washing, bathing, and toileting. * Help service users with mobility problems and any other physical disabilities. * Care for those who are temporarily sick – minor dressings, feeding, bed nursing. * Care for service users who are dying.

* Help promote mental and physical activity of service users, talking to them, taking them out. * Make and change beds, tidy rooms, light cleaning and emptying commodes. * Launder and mend clothing.

* Set tables/trays, serve meals, feed residents who need help, prepare light meals, wash and tidy/clean dining area. * Answer emergency bells and telephone, answer doors and greet visitors. * Write daily reports and end of month evaluations for residents. * Report any problems to managers or nurses if any change in health of residents. * Encourage and promote independence of service users as much as possible.

2. CU1531 - 1.2
Please provide two examples from work (for each of the statements below) of how you demonstrate the following standards from the GSCC Codes of Practice:

a. As a social care worker you must protect the rights and promote the interests of service users and carers.

* You must respect the privacy of each service user when you are washing them and getting them dressed in the morning, making sure that if they want to be left alone to get washed and changed you must respect their wishes but inform them that you are there if they need any help, the same thing goes with toileting making sure that if you have to stay in the bathroom or toilet with the service user you make sure that the door is locked so people can’t just wander in and see what is going on which could there for make the person feel uncomfortable. This also helps maintain their dignity and privacy and helps in continuing to promote their independence and let them carry on doing things as if they were still living in their own home. * No matter what illness or disability a service user may have you must make sure that you treat each person as an individual. This means that if they like to get up at a certain time, where possible make this available for them. Same thing applies when it comes to going to bed. The service users want to feel like they are in their own home and are given the right and freedom to do the things like they to certain extents. If they like certain foods try to make this available for them or if they like to eat at certain times. Each service user wants to feel like the people that look after them respect them.

b. As a social care worker you must establish and maintain the trust and confidence of service users and carers

* The service users I work with all have dementia, so when it comes to communicating with them there becomes times when they may not understand what you are asking them to do, as the words may be to complex or it make be that the instruction or question is too long for them to break down. This means that you may have to use simple straightforward instructions and words and to speak slowly to the individual so they are allowed the extra time to comprehend what is being said. The only issue that can arise with this is that some service users relatives or other relatives that are in the room at the time may think that you are talking down to the person and treating them like a child so you have to be careful what you say and how you say it, * Working in social care and in a residential home means that you have to be honest with your colleagues, managers, service users, relatives, nursing teams etc. You have to make sure you are giving out the correct information to a service users family member e.g. if their condition has started to deteriorate you have to make sure...
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