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Joseph Spath
January 18,2015
Writing Assignment Assignment 3.7
A. The programming language is written easily by the computer programmer. Active: The computer programmer writes programming language easily.
B. Instructions on how to install the garage door opener are explained in a pamphlet. Active: The pamphlet contains the instructions on how to install the garage door opener.
C. Volunteer work with Habitat for Humanity was done by the employees at Citizens Bank. Active: The employees at Citizens Bank performed volunteer work with Habitat for Humanity.
D. Dozens of police officers were reassigned by the Chief of Police. Active: The Chief of Police reassigned dozens of police officers.
E. The meal celebrating Mardi Gras was prepared by the French Chef. Active: The French Chef prepared the meal to celebrate Mardi Gras.
F. Three major health benefits are offered employees by the hospital. Active: The hospital offered three major health benefits to employees.

Assignment 3.8
1. A. All the drawings are projections.
B. Two main types of projections are perspective and parallel projection. Answer: All drawings, including two main types, perspective and parallel, are projections. 2. A. The operating tasks each company must perform are affected by many factors. B. One factor is changes in market.

C. Another factor is new technology.
D. A final factor is government regulations
Answer: The operating tasks each company must perform are affected by many factors. Those factors include, changes in market, new technology, and government regulations. 3 A. Flat surfaces are measured with common tools.

B. The steel rule and the depth gauge are common tools. C. Round work is measured by feel with nonprecision tools, D. The spring caliper and the firm-joint caliper are nonprecision tools....
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