Eng11 Group3 The Conversion

Topics: Short story, Critical thinking, Fiction Pages: 2 (644 words) Published: April 29, 2015

The Conversion by J. Neil C. Garcia
A.      Why did you choose this text?
 We chose this text to help us turn the tools of our literary analysis on a poem written by a Filipino, in order to allow us to use the same tools of understanding we have used on others on our own country. Also because we thought it would be nice to put in some local color (evident in our poem proposals). B.      What are the three most striking points about the text you would like to focus on? Why? 1. We would like to focus on the setting of the poem, as the level of detail placed in the poem reminds us of the short story, possibly in order to ground the poem in real-life contexts. 2. We would also like to look at the very sentence-like construction of this poem. This stands in contrast to the poems we’ve already taken up, which did not necessarily consistently follow the sentential structure. 3. The events in the poem, as unambiguously described as they were, lean towards a style of interpretation closer to a short story. It is hoped that with attention to the “plot” of the poem, it will be clear what the author intended. C.      Which literary element/s of the text do you want to highlight in your report? What critical approach will you use primarily for your interpretation? Why?  We would like to highlight, as said, the sentence construction and the image/plot presented. However, in relation to this, we would most like to highlight the setting and the strong societal message embedded in the poem, as well as the highly social nature of the events in it. With this in mind, the main critical approach we will take is the sociological one, dealing mostly with the vents and setting of the poem. To help broaden the discussion, Reader-response and gender-based critical methods (e.g. discussing masculinity and the idea of nonconventional genders) will also be used, in order to generate more ideas. D.     What are some sample (meaning, you can have more) questions you will be asking...
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