Eng The First Stone

Topics: Coral reef, Law, Prison Pages: 2 (601 words) Published: March 30, 2015
The First Stone – Test
By: Gurjyot Narwal
Part B – Short Answer
1. Reef likes his nickname because it represents something special to him, coral reefs, which he finds very beautiful. It was given to him when he was smoking a joint, and he coughed liked crazy, so his friends began calling him Reef.

2. Reef has been given a second chance because the judge decided to implement restitution instead of punishment. Reef now has the chance to give back to the community, and change his ways. The judge could have decided to send Reef to jail, but that wouldn’t have taught him anything useful, so the judge makes him do something that is beneficial to everyone. This is because the judge truly believes that Reef can change.

3. At first, Reef didn’t care much about his duties at North Hills. Although, he soon developed some sense of responsibility. He also realizes that if something goes wrong and it’s not his fault, he doesn’t pay for it, as opposed to how his grandfather treated him: abusing Reef for his own shortcomings. Reef realizes this when he drops some dishes by accident, and he doesn’t have to pay for it, even though he was expecting punishment. He also has some troublemaking characteristics present, because he doesn’t quite take some of his and other people’s duties seriously. For example, when he would always complain that there isn’t any toilet paper on the third floor bathroom, it hurts the feelings of another member of North Hills whose job it is to make sure that that specific floor shouldn’t run out of toilet paper.

4. Val teaches Leeza about imaging because she believes it will help in Leeza’s recovery. Imaging is when you visualize pain as an object; Leeza describes her pain as a sledgehammer. It is supposed to help Leeza because it is meant to take the mind off the pain, and focus on something different. This helps in easing the pain and making it more bearable.

5. Reef chooses not to throw a coke can at the greenhouse because it reminds...
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