ENG 3D1 Comparison Paragraph

Topics: Margaret Atwood, Phillip Noyce, Human Pages: 2 (487 words) Published: April 13, 2015
Alyssa Petsinis
Mrs. Kok
March 23rd 2015
Comparison Paragraph between The Quiet American and Oryx and Crake.
Throughout life there are people who thirst and hunger for power, and people who strive to survive off of it. Often people let power consume them creating selfish tendencies that may result in bringing chaos and suffering to the people around them. This behavior may cause destruction to the foundation of many societies all for the benefit of an individual’s selfish desires. In the novel Oryx and Crake by Margret Atwood, Crake is an example of a character who displays abusive power. Crake created the BlyssPluss pill, a pill that would eventually wipe out the whole human race for his own selfish wants. He thought that the entire human race was the main source of destruction in the world. Crake thought people were all trapped in their own selfish desires, he believed they were unworthy of life. So when he designed the BlyssPluss pill that would create an airborne disease and kill off the entire human race except for one, Jimmy. Crake was playing God and put the fate of the entire human race into his own hands, which ultimately ended in the apocalypse. After the apocalypse occurred the whole world was destroyed, Crake eliminated Jimmy from his plan to wipe out the race. Left him to fend for himself and take care of his creation, the Crakers. Jimmy was left in all the chaos and is ultimately suffering alone in misery and despair replaying his old reality over and over throughout his thoughts. Similarly in the movie The Quiet American directed by Phillip Noyce, the character Aldon Pyle kills many civilians on an attack placing dialacton, an explosive material used in creating bombs into cars blowing up a whole Vietnamese town. This was a direct order by Pyle for his own selfish desires as well. Pyle had ordered General Thes men to make the hit, and then blame it on the communists. He had wanted the hit to look like the communist had done it to...
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