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Topics: F. Scott Fitzgerald, The Great Gatsby Pages: 3 (833 words) Published: December 14, 2014

English 215
15th October, 2014

Compare and contrast Gatsby and Tom
F.Scott Fitzgerald’s story of The Great Gatsby is an intriguing piece of literature that is full of suspense and surprises. The two main characters Gatsby and Tom were both living the America dream, but were not fully satisfied due to the contention for Daisy’s love and company. Gatsby and Tom had similar characteristics, but were different in some other aspects. Daisy choose Tom over Gatsby, however, it was not really easy for her, but was necessary for her to live a safe and comfortable life.

The similarities between Gatsby and Tom are limited. Both characters are indeed in pursuit of Daisy, they feel they are both justified to have her, because of the relationship they shared with her. They are both Nick’s friend, which happen to be Daisy’s cousin. Furthermore, they are males, very rich, and are cheaters. The difference between them are, Gatsby is very refined, caring, and he made all his money by himself; which is often referred in the book as new money. He was once in the Army, and made most of his money in an illegal way. Gatsby rationalized that if he could incur wealth and fame comparable to Tom then he would eventually have a chance to win back his first love. In contrast, Tom was an Athlete and he went to Yale. Gatsby was an epicurean who pursued worldly pleasures, such as partying. However, the purpose of his parties was obscured because his main objective was to use his found wealth to rise to Tom’s level of prestige; thus, winning back Daisy love. During the course of the story, the reader becomes aware of the love Gatsby has for his lover, because of his willingness to put himself in jeopardy. He incriminates himself for the sole purpose of winning Daisy over. On the other hand, Tom never experienced hardship in his life because he was protected by his family’s wealth. He bequeathed his father’s assets and was only interested in enjoying the pleasures that...
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