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Assignment 1- L. Grindley-Ferris 50332333


1. What kind of man was the Pharaoh Ozymandias, do you think? Quote from the poem to substantiate your answer.
Pharaoh Ozymandias was a mighty man full of pride, power and cold heartedness which is evidence in these lines, ''my name is Ozymandias, king of kings'' and ''look on my work ye mighty and despair'' and “the hand that mocked them and the heart that fed.”


2. The poet takes great care to describe, in lines 4 and 5, the ‘passions’ of Ozymandias that are ‘stamped on these lifeless things’ (line 7). What is the effect of the juxtaposition of ‘passions’ and ‘lifeless’? What is Shelley suggesting about human ambition?


The poem describes the work of the sculptor who was able to capture the king’s “passions” and give meaningful expression to the stone, an otherwise “lifeless thing.” In the poem there is also an element of human vanity where ambition creates achievements, but even great accomplishments are eventually forgotten. The sculptor’s attention is praised by means of the only things that “survive” are the artist’s records of the king’s passion, carved into the stone.

3. The ‘hand’ and the ‘heart’ (line 8) are, of course, the hand and heart of the sculptor, not Ozymandias. Discuss the irony in this fact, referring particularly to lines 10 and 11.
The irony is created by means that the King thought his “heart” which will allow the 3
artist to fed off this to create a sculptor that resembles him is actually aiding the “mocking hand” of the sculptor to artistically mock the passions of the king. The 4 sculptor is seen rather as a testament to his oppression than his benevolence.

4. An atmosphere of degeneration and despair is created in the poem. How 5
does the poet achieve this? Quote from the poem to substantiate your answer. "Nothing else remains, round the decay" the speaker alerts us that nothing but the sculptor remains of the great Ozymandias a man filled with great pride.

5. The poet makes use of the poetic device of alliteration in the last two lines. Identify the words that make up this figure of speech and comment on the effect this device creates here.
The words, “boundless and bare”, “lone and level”, sands stretch” are an effect of alliteration which the writer has used to create irony.The King ruled with oppression


and terror and his actions brought not only glory but destruction to his people, the sculptor emulates this.


Total = 52 / 100 (52%)

1 You could develop this answer further by using specific examples such as - “look at my works’ indicates his pride and boastfulness, ‘wrinkled lip’ indicates he was contemptuous, cruel and haughty, the size of the statue also relates to the size of his ego as well as his ambitions.

2 And Shelley? Shelley is saying that the passage of time erodes and obliterates the greatest of people and their ambitions. That time is a great leveller of all things.

3 The words on the pedestal contrast what has actually happened – now all that remains is a crumbling statue in a barren desert. It is ironic that the statue has survived but not the legacy of Ozymandias.

4 Sculpture
5 But how is the feeling of degeneration and despair achieved? it is the poet’s use of words, his diction that creates the imagery which in turn creates the atmosphere. The imagery of the broken statue’s ruins in a desolate landscape. The word choice is negative all pointing towards the degeneration of the statue. Whilst ‘vast’ and ‘colossal’ indicate the scale of everything.

6 The alliteration adds impact and imagery to the sentence. It adds depth to the verbal picture. By using alliteration, the poet emphasises the images produced causing an emotional reaction from the reader.

7 These answers are a little short. The individual ideas need to be more focused as well as developed and expanded which is shame as generally you are...
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