Eng 125 Week 1 Assignment

Topics: Cat, Feeling, Literature Pages: 2 (463 words) Published: September 8, 2013
The Blue Bowl Review
Justin Shaw
Eng125: Introduction to Literature
Patricia Lake

When reading literature the author tries to establish emotion, satire, tone, and farce as well as other feelings and thoughts. When an author writes a poem they try to establish a feeling making the reader feel as if they are involved in the work being produced weather is be happy, sad, funny, or scary.

I chose to use the work by Jane Kenyon called “The Blue Bowl”. This particular poem caught my attention after I read it. The poem reminded me of a time in my child hood when I had a pet cat that died after choking on a bird. The piece of the poem says “on his long red fur, the white feathers between his toes, this line resembled the look of my cat when I was younger. That line was the deal breaker for me. It set the tone, farce, and emotion in the poem for me. The poem made me sad thinking of my old cat, but it also brought back happy memories that I had forgotten.

This poem follows the formalist approach the best. The poem was memorable to me because it reminded me of my past and a pet that I loved. The Poem didn’t have any real surprise but it was intriguing because it put in the moment when I was laying my cat to rest. It described at least 2 character pushing sand and gravel in the hole and they had to brush each other off when they finished. There was figurative language used to create mood and reveal theme of the persons with the death of their pet. These are all things that describe the formalist approach and match it perfectly.

I believe the meaning of the poem is just to feel what the people felt that were laying their pet to rest. It describes in detail how the cat looked with feathers between his toes and the thud of the sand and gravel hitting the cat’s side and they scraped it into the hole by hand. The ending of the poem refers to the after math when someone comes over asks how’s your cat doing? Unknowing that he/she has passed away, even...
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