ENG 122 Writing Assignment 3

Topics: Hero, Youth detention center, American films Pages: 4 (1039 words) Published: December 5, 2014
Nicole Reese
Professor Coley
Academic Writing II ENG 122-DL04
5 December 2014
Writing Assignment 3
There are many definitions of a hero. Some people think of a hero as being someone who is strong, intelligent, attractive and daring. The figures that have been considered a hero to oneself since growing from a child to an adult have changed. Heroes have many different qualities that are overlooked such as courage, honesty, bravery, passion, and selflessness. The definition of a hero in Webster says a hero is a man admired for his achievement and noble qualities or a person who is admired for outstanding or brave acts or fine qualities (hero, 2013). After reading short selections from the reading assignment in Bodega Dreams, Hard Rock Returns to Prison and The Train from Hate there were characters who exemplified hero qualities (chantelw81911).

After reading Bodega Dreams, the only character that could fit the definition of a hero is professor Tapia (amrankin16). He took on a great responsibility of teaching the younger generation of the community to try and make a difference in those young adult lives. The characteristics that professor Tapia shows in Bodega Dreams are passion and selflessness. Tapia has a passion for seeing his students achieve success in life. Tapia showed a selflessness act by giving advice to Sapo on how to handle the incident with the fight to avoid going to a juvenile detention center. Tapia could have just not said anything to Sapo and went to the school board and told them about the fight, but he did not he cared more about Sapo than his self. Professor Tapia was a hero to those students because he was the hope they needed in that school. In one’s lifetime, there have been many teachers as Tapia that inspired oneself to become a better person, because they believed in me.

In Hard Rock Returns to Prison, Hard Rock was a hero to prison inmates. In the poem inmates were retelling the legends about him to other inmates and how...

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