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Topics: Rhetoric, Osama bin Laden, Laundry detergent Pages: 5 (1014 words) Published: November 23, 2014
Kristina Shakes
English 103
Michael Lucas
To Believe or Not to Believe
Many people in our world today experience great dreams and wishes, we are known to call them fantasies that we have and would like to come true. Downy Infusions makes using their product look like you will enter the world of your dreams. The logos in the advertisement is trying to communicate that your life will be dramatically changed by using this product. Downy, a widely recognized and respected company, that manufactures a wide range of different products. It is very unrealistic and claims to simply do much more than it is really brought in to be. Downy Infusions features an advertisement in People magazine that promises a lot more than a fabric softener or laundry detergent could possible offer someone. Through imagery, this image, makes the argument primarily through the use of pathos, that escaping the life that you already to enter into a world of fantasies by using this product. The advertisement is considered to look almost unreal and very fantasy-like.

1: Peoples magazine’s imaginary yet fantastical attempt to try and help sell Downy Infusions by simply making it look much more amazing than it really is
As seen on Figure 1, People’s magazine has obviously agreed to indorse Downy’s product Infusions as well as tying much of the rhetoric ethos long with it. Having such a broad statement “Be Unforgettable” is very interesting in my opinion because nobody truly understand how this laundry detergent and fabric softener could make someone unforgettable. Saying you will be unforgettable is wrong to say because as some people may like or dislike the product, it could never make anyone unforgettable. In the text in Figure 1 it also tries to explain that “You’ll remember the days you wear it”. This statement is very false because not only is this just laundry detergent, it doesn’t don’t much more than if you were to go to the dollar store and pick up some laundry detergent there. In the background of the advertisement, it looks as if they are portraying Downy Infusions to smell like a beautiful garden full of pink roses or flowers. As anyone would be thinking about how false that information can be, think of all the possible reasons as to why they would try and trick people about the scent. Along with the flowers, it seems that in advertisement there is a racially ambiguous girl as the main model trying to sell the product. She is very attractive and gives good vibes to the advertisement. She is wearing a beautiful floral dress that compliments the background of the garden that this particular laundry detergent is supposed to smell like. This immediately draws attention to her and how beautiful she is and people will start to forget about the selling product Downy Infusions itself.

In the featured advertisement there is much more to it than just a negative outlook people as a whole do have on it. There is a lot of pathos. When I see this article, the background is kind of like a fantasy or dream area. The beautiful flowers and the beautiful women modeling makes the advertisement so much more eye catching and tends to trick people because of how fantastical it look. People tend to think that if they use this product, they might enter this fantasy. Also looking at this advertisement I see that is states that using this product will reveal a new layer of fresh. The colors that are in this advertisement are happy and very joyful. Pink is the dominant color as well as white to compliment the advertisement. As I said the colors do make things look happy and joyful, in reality it does not! It is just laundry detergent and fabric softer

Furthermore, going into the logos part of things makes this advertisement look unrealistic in all. Downy Infusions product portrays to a more rich state of mind and seems to be much more luxurious than it actually is. Since there is such an attractive model as well as beautiful garden this makes...

Cited: Picture taken by G&R Blog Editor / October 16, 2012 / Ad Haiku
People’s magazine.
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