Eng/101 Farming Methods

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Farming Methods

Eng. /101

How was your meat or veggies produced? Wouldn’t you like to know how and what the farmers use or how they grow the food that you will be eating? It is always good to know how you food to prepared before you decide to put it into your body. Just think if you were going to buy a car and you didn’t find out if it was wrecked before or how it was maintained and then you get it home and it breaks down. This essay will help you understand the different types of farming styles. Sustainable farming is a good way of farming because it is economically and environmentally manageable. When you have a farm and you have many different crops it is very important for you to make sure that you us the sustainable agriculture approach. If you do not use this approach then you will less likely have a successful farming experience. If you want to be able to profit from your farming then you should look into how to farm and the different kind of things that you can do to help you succeed. Farmers need to try and have very little pollution on the farm. The next few paragraphs will explain the different styles on farming.

Sustainable is also economically and environmentally, which means that it is manageable. It is important that the farmers take interest in the environment when it comes to removal of the animal waste. If they do not make sure that the waste end up in the streams or creeks then the farmers are taking a chance to get themselves sick or the community they live in. They will also be taking a chance of the area that they live in for them to be rejected from being able to have farm animals. It is very important that they look out for others instead of just themselves. Most farmers will re-use the waste for the fields or gardens.

The crops need to be rotated from year to year. You do not want to grow corn in the same section from year to year because the corn takes so many minerals out of the soil as it is growing....

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