Energy Management

Topics: Project management, Energy, Potential energy Pages: 2 (474 words) Published: February 1, 2011
Energy Management - We are What we Do!
Do we walk the talk when it comes to energy management?
While there is whole lot of hype on the subject, there appears to be very little action in comparison. How do you convert talk to action? After speaking to industry experts and champions of energy management in various companies, there seem to be different styles in which companies approach energy management initiatives. Basically, the companies vastly differ on their attitude towards energy management. While there are many aspects to energy management, experts and champions rate the spirit and attitude in which energy management is implemented as the most decisive factor. The Maintainers: “We don’t have a budget for Energy Management” is the company’s top management perspective on the subject. While an enthusiastic employee might try an initiative, it’s far weak to make any impact and hence far away from earning any rewards or being replicated. The Mediocre: “We have a policy and system in place”

Companies where energy management project launch is the single largest event in the whole project. The project itself is about lot of talk but little action. While very less energy might be actually saved at the end of the day, lot of (human) energy is spent in posters, presentations, meetings, reviews – basically all the rituals for a project to make progress. Energy consumption is maintained, budgets are consumed and project succeeds but mostly on paper! The Manufacturer: “Better Energy management is one of our business goals for this year” The top management is committed to energy management. But then energy management gets caught up in systems and processes and looses it soul. It’s driven by objectives and measurable goals and eventually looses connect with everyone but the core team and consultant. These companies try to manufacture energy savings when the need is to nurture a culture that saves energy. The Missionaries: “We will pass on 10% of our savings in energy...
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