Energy Management

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Energy Management and Audit Report
1) Introduction
For over the past few years, the planet Earth is being damaged by human activities. Buildings play a major role in that. They contribute to approximately 40% of the greenhouse gas emissions globally. Over the past 30 years, 10% of the ice burgs have been melted due to the rising temperature of Earth. The rise in temperature is caused by greenhouse gas. Therefore, green building is important today. Green building has both positive and negative impacts. Statistics have indicated that productivity will not reduce under the influence of green building and instead enhances it. Quality and standards of the buildings would improve. The BCA green mark was launched in 2005 and it aims to promote sustainability in buildings. As a building consultant, the aim of this report is to provide building owners ways to achieve the BCA Green Mark Platinum award for the building. The pre-requisite requirement for achieving the Green Mark Platinum award is 90 points. Energy efficiency is categorized into 11 parts.

2) Green Mark Platinum
As mentioned above, the pre-requisite requirement to achieve the green mark platinum award is 90 points. Moreover, the building should save at least 30% of energy from the current value. The report will include 4 strategies to satisfy the mandatory requirements of achieving the award. 2.1 ETTV

For the building to achieve a green mark platinum award, the ETTV (calculation shown below) should be of 40 W/m2 or lower. When such value is achieved, a total of 12 points will be awarded. The formula for calculating the green mark score for ETTV is given below:

Points scored = 1.2 x (50 - ETTV)

ETTV: Envelope Thermal transfer Value (W/m2)
Maximum permissible ETTV: 50 W/m2
For every reduction of 1 W/m2, a total of 1.2 points is awarded. 2.2 Air conditioning system
Since the building is using water cooled chilled water system, the minimum central water efficiency should be of 0.65 KW/RT for peak cooling load of greater than 500 RT. 15 points will be awarded for meeting the prescribed chilled-water plant efficiency of 0.70 KW/RT. 0.25 points will be awarded for every percentage improvement in the chilled-water plant efficiency over the baseline given the formula below. Points scored = 0.25 x (% improvement)

2.3 Natural Lighting
This category encourages the use of effective daylighting to reduce for artificial lighting. When using daylighting, at least 75% of the units have to meet the minimum illuminance level and are within the acceptable glare exposure including the usage of daylighting in common areas. . The points scored are based on the extent of the perimeter daylight zones. In order to achieve the highest rating for this category, the distance from the façade perimeters should be more than 5 meters. When such value is achieved, a total of 3 points will be awarded. 2.4 Artificial Lighting

Under the artificial lighting category, the building would be awarded with 0.3 points for every percentage improvement in lighting power budget with the formula given below. The maximum points achievable for this category is 12 points excluding the tenant lighting provision which can go up to 5 points. Points scored = 0.3 x (% of improvement)

2.5 Energy Efficient Practices and feature
Scores are broken up into different groups. The first group, which has a maximum of 1 point achievable, is the computation of energy consumption based on the design load in the form of energy efficiency index (EEI). The second group is the use of greenery system and depending on the impact level, a maximum of 1 point would be awarded. The third group is the use of energy efficient features such as sun pipes. The maximum point achievable for the third is group is 10 points with the awarding of 3 points for every 1% of energy saving over the total building energy consumption. 2.6 Renewable Energy

For this category, the points scored are based on the EEI and the percentage of...
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