Energy Management

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Attempt any 4 questions ( 10 marks each ) PART-1 Q1) A plant consumes 4,500 tons of furnace oil per year (GCV =10,200 kCal/kg), as well as 43,000 MWh of electricity per year. Draw the pie-chart of percentage share of each type of energy based on consumption in kCal (1 kWh = 860 kCal) Q2) How much steam is required in a heat exchanger to heat 120 kg/ hour of a process fluid From 40o C to 90o C. The specific heat of process fluid is 0.24 kCal/kg oC and the latent heat of steam is 540 kCal/ kg. Q3) The following table shows the import bill of fossil fuels in million metric tones (MMT) and its cost in Crores Rupees over the last eight years. 1. Calculate the average annual percentage increase of fossil fuel imports 2. Calculate the average annual percentage increase of the import bill 3. Calculate the average costs for the last eight years, in Rs.Per metric ton of imported fossil fuels. Import bill of fossil fuels Year Quantity (MMT) 1996-97 33.90 1997-98 34.49 1998-99 39.81 1999-00 57.80 2000-01 74.10 2001-02 84.90 2002-03 90.00

Total Marks : 80

Value (Rs.Crore) 18,337 15,872 19,907 40,028 65,932 80,116 85,042




Q4) Fuel substitution from a high cost fuel to a low cost fuel in boilers is common to reduce energy bill. For the following situations calculate: 1. Annual reduction in energy costs in Crore Rs. 2. Annual change in energy consumption in %. (Calorific value of fuels not required for calculations)

Q5) A company invests Rs.10 lakhs and completes an energy efficiency project at the beginning of year 1. The firm is investing its own money and expects an internal rate of return, IRR, of at least 26% on constant positive annual net cash flow of Rs.2 lakhs, over a period of 10 years, starting with year 1. 1. Will the project meet the firm’s expectations? 2. What is the IRR...
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