Energy Efficient Appliances

Topics: Energy conservation, Efficient energy use, Energy policy Pages: 3 (834 words) Published: June 2, 2010
Energy crisis is a major challenge that should be overcome in modern times when people have embraced the use of electric devices in performing various activities. Consequently, the use of these electric devices leads to heavy consumption of electric power that calls for the adoption of energy efficient appliances. Energy efficiency refers to reduced use of energy in a given service (Dorsi & Krigger, 2008). The reduced consumption of energy is as a result of technological advancement as well as from non-technological factors like improved economic conditions. This poses a question: why should we use energy efficient appliances in our different levels of activities? The answer to this question can only be found by scrutinizing the underlying facts of cost as well as the immediate and long-term impacts emanating from the use of such appliances. In essence, energy-efficient appliances should be increasingly adopted since they minimize electricity costs, encourage tax rebates, and minimize environmental pollution. Before having a look at why we should use energy efficient appliances it is worth noting that the whole idea of avoiding unnecessary consumption of electricity is more of an individual initiative rather than a collective responsibility . However, it as well has to do with the use of appropriate electrical appliances. According to the Ohio Department of Development, Ohioans can purchase energy efficient star qualified appliances such as refrigerators, clothes washers, electric heat water pumps, dish washers, air conditioners, water heater, stove, washers/dryers, lighting products, cooling equipment, computers and office equipment as well as high efficiency gas storage water heaters among others for a rebate (American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy 2008 ). Rebate programs are popular with electric companies as opposed to gas companies. However, certain gas companies offer it for highly efficient boilers and furnaces. Indeed, the fact that energy...

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