Energy Drinks: Stuff that Kills

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Energy Drinks: Stuff that Kills

When most people comsume an energy drink, they don’t realize that the short burst

of energy that it gives them can also kill them. Energy drinks are an easy way for people to get

the energy that they need in 5-10 minutes. If they are feeling sluggish, then they can just grab

a can of an energy drink. Energy drink can be found almost anywhere: in the gas station, at the

store, and even in some schools. Most schools are banning energy drinks they still exist in most

schools. What people don’t know is that it can kill them. People also don’t realize that energy

drinks can cause obesity, cavities, poor diets, increase of heartbeat, heart attacks, and excess

sleep (Deardorff). This kind of evidence proves that energy drinks can be harmful to a person’s

People often say that energy drinks are healthy for the human body. This can be true

if they know the steps of picking the right can off the shelf or out of the cooler. If a person

chooses a can with no caffeine, sugars, or carbohydrates then they have chosen the right

can. Another smart choice for picking the right can is if the can they pick contains whole fruit

juices. Energy drinks can be healthy for people because some of them have vitamins, nutrients

and supplements for the body. Energy drinks can also be healthy for the body if people only

drink them one or twice a month. “The fifth reason that energy drinks can also be healthy for

the body is because, people who don’t get their caffeine daily often feel sluggish and moody

through the day (Deardorff).” The last reason why people can benefit from energy drinks is

because they keep them up at night, and during finals week they can stay up at night and study

while it’s quiet and the neighbors aren’t making noise and almost no one is on Facebook.

The first reason why energy drinks can be harmful to a person’s body is because the

body has a sleep patterns, and it is necessary to follow them. An adult body needs at least eight

hours of sleep. When children are growing their body needs more sleep than usual.

“Energy drinks mess up sleep patterns especially when they are a kid or teenager. When

a child drinks any caffeine drink their heartbeat speeds up and raises their anxiety

when is the cause of keeping them up and with energy. When a child drinks any kind of

energy drink they are slowing their growth and stopping their brain development with a

chemical called adenosine (Deardorff).”

Often people don’t know healthy ways to get energy so they just grab an energy drink off the

A second reason why energy drinks can be harmful to a person’s body is because of

medication and drug use. Energy drinks and medications or drugs do not mix. People who are

taking any medications should not drink any kind of energy or caffeinated drinks. If they choose

to drink energy drinks while under the influences of drugs or medications there are great risks

of the body not properly functioning.

“There was even a ban imposed for college students but FDA are trying to tell officials

that they can still mix alcohol with their energy drinks, and regarding further research

and action. 56% of college student have reported mixing alcohol with their energy drink

for finals or a big test. Due to this kind of behavior this has been linked to things like

sexual assault, riding with a drunk driver, alcohol related car accidents. In 2007 there

was over 150 injuries and 18 deaths regarding energy drinks. People who drink energy

drinks don’t often realize how much caffeine they are consuming. The energy drink

business is booming. Sales in the U.S. have hit more than $10 billion, eclipsing categories

such as iced tea or sports drinks. About 6 billion energy drinks were consumed

nationwide in 2010, and it's estimated that 31% of teenagers drink them regularly

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