Energy Drink Lab Report

Topics: Sodium, Metabolism, Amine Pages: 3 (804 words) Published: October 18, 2014
Qualitative Chemical Analysis of Energy Drinks and Other Beverages - Lab Report

Discussion and Analysis
As a result of conducting various qualitative chemical analysis tests, Monster Energy ® was found to contain a large amount of reducing sugars and NaCl. It was found to be void of proteins and lipids. Further, Canada Dry ® gingerale was found to contain a large amount of reducing sugars, while being void of protein, lipids and NaCl.

The components of the Monster Energy drink tested were quite congruent to the components found in the other energy drinks. The exceptions, however, were that SugarFree Rockstar, like the name suggests, contains no traces of sugar, unlike Monster Energy. Also, unlike other energy drinks, Monster Energy contained detectable traces of sodium chloride.

The components of gingerale were also quite similar to the components found in other beverages. However, it contained no protein or lipids, unlike chocolate milk, and had a large amount of simple sugars, unlike Vitamin Water and Tea.

In short, the chemical assays do not fully support the marketing claims made by the energy drink producers. They show that none of the energy drinks tested contain proteins, which build, maintain and help replace tissues in the body. Also, all energy drinks (with the exception of Sugar Free Rockstar) showed that these drinks contain large amounts of simple (reducing) sugars. None of the energy drinks contain fats, which actually provide the body with 2x the amount of energy per gram than carbohydrates and proteins. Finally, Monster Energy was the only drink that contained NaCl. Through research, it was found that NaCl maintains the “sodium-potassium pump” in the body. This important mechanism consists of the sodium ion (an electrolyte) going into cells and potassium coming out, which then releases energy. These conclusions go to show that, while the energy drink “producers” claim to offer a product rich in energy-inducing ingredients, they...
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