Energy Drink and Red Bull

Topics: Red Bull, Energy drink, Krating Daeng Pages: 2 (494 words) Published: April 12, 2013
Red Bull is the most popular energy drink that sold by Austrian company Red Bull GmbH, created in 1987. Red Bull drink was originally developed in Thailand by Bangkok-based TC Pharmaceutical Industry Company Ltd. By Mr. Chaleo Voovidhya in 1962 and sold under the name of Krating Deang (Red Bull). After Krating Deang (Red Bull) was very successful in Thailand market, in 1982 Krating Deang was transformed into global brand by Mr. Dietrich Mateschitz, an Austrian businessman. The story was come from Mr. Dietrich had came to Thailand, he drank Krating Deang to relieve sickness, then he felt like and interested to take Krating Deang to sold at Europe market. In 1987, Mr. Dietrich worked with TC Pharmaceutical to adapt the taste of Krating Deang for European customers. At the same time, Mr. Dietrich and Mr. Chaleo Voovidhya founded Reb Bull GmbH in Austria and began to produced and sold in Europe. Chaleo and Dietrich each held a 49% share of the company and the remaining 2% gave to Chaleo’s son Chalerm. In 1992, the product expanded to international markets: Hungary and Slovenia. It entered the United States via California in 1997 and the Middle East in 2000. In 2008, Forbes magazine listed both Chaleo and Mateschitz as the 250th richest people in the world with an estimated net worth of $4 billion. Nowadays Krating Daeng or Red Bull has shown to around the world to accept in 20 years of success. Red Bull GmbH expands market into 108 countries around the world and Red Bull can claim that it is leading energy drink of the world. In 2007 years ago, Red Bull had 9 plants in 7 countries such as Thailand, China, Malaysia, Austria, Switzerland, Indonesia, and Vietnam to distribute worldwide. Also Red Bull GmbH produces a billion cans a year and holds 70 percent share of the global market for energy drinks. Red Bull has become a case study in the United States, United Kingdom and other countries. Marketing is aimed at young people with active lifestyles....
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