Energy Crisis

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Energy Crisis is a shortfall in or interruption to the provision of energy supplies. The planet is progressively marching towards a serious electric energy crisis, owing to an escalating desire of electric energy becoming greater than its supply. We have always accepted that the energy we make use of each day is not unrestricted, still we take it for granted. Coal, petroleum, electrical power, even water has inadequate availability. Nevertheless, we have not taken sufficient precautions to handle a possible energy crisis. When I say ‘we’, I am not mentioning the governments but everybody, the widespread individuals. Oil and gas have already become too pricey, and with each passing day, they are becoming being extinct. Some uninformed people assume that the electrical energy crisis is an illusion. They fail to conceive the whole picture. There have been 3 chief energy crises until now – the 1973 oil crisis, the 1979 energy crisis, and the 1990 oil-price hike, aside from a couple of regional crises. Prices have been briskly escalating for the past five years, due to the rising desire and the escalating shortage of energy resources. Hence owing to the importance of energy crisis in this present world, I have selected this topic. Objective:

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Imagine this scenario: One morning you wake up, yawn, scratch yourself, and sit up. Wearily, you stumble out of bed. You go to your refrigerator for a glass of milk only to discover that the light inside does not turn on and everything inside it has been sitting at room temperature overnight and is quickly beginning to spoil. "That's funny, "you think to yourself. When you try to brew a cup of coffee the coffee maker does not seem to want to start. Your gas stove won't turn on, so it looks like there'll be no bacon and eggs this morning. As you sit down with your bowl of dry cereal, you glance out the window and wonder why there is no newspaper. You pick up your cordless phone to call the newspaper and complain, but it doesn't turn on either. You begin to panic and you run out to the car. It won't start. "What's going on?" you think to yourself. "Why doesn't anything work?" Does this sound like the beginning to some strange science fiction novel? Well, the scenario we just illustrated could be very real indeed. Together, fossil fuels (coal, petroleum, natural gas, and their derivatives) provide more than 85% of the energy used by mankind today. Unfortunately, the reserves of those fuels are not infinite. Scientists predict that within the next two centuries we will run out of those valuable energy sources. This is you experience energy crisis. Clearly, something must be done. But what? Before the Industrial Revolution of the 1890s, human beings had only a moderate need for energy. Man mostly relied on the energy from brute animal strength to do work. Man first learn to control fire around 1 million BC. Man has used fire to cook food and to warm his shelters ever since. Fire also served as protection against animals. Thousands of years ago, human beings also learned how to use wind as an energy source. Wind is produced by an uneven heating by the sun on the surface of the earth because of the different specific heats of land and water. Hot air has lower pressure than cold air and since high pressure tries to equalize with low pressure the current called wind is produced. Around 1200 BC, in Polynesia, people learned to use this wind energy as a propulsive force for their boats by using a sail. About 5 thousand years ago, magnetic energy was discovered in China. Magnetic force pulled iron objects and it also provided useful information to navigators since it always pointed North because of the Earth's magnetic field. Electric energy was discovered by a Greek philosopher named Thales, about 2500 years ago. Thales found that, when rubbing fur against a piece of amber, a static force that would attract dust and other particles...
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