Energy Conversion

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In present world the need for electrical energy is quite essential in every aspect of our life, but at the same time the crisis for the electrical energy has been increasing proportionately. The present trend of producing electrical energy via coal, nuclear and hydro means are degrading the healthy atmospheric conditions an they are also in the verge of extinction. The creation of artificially controlled environment has changed the relationship between human and its surroundings. With advancements in engineering sciences and availability of Refrigeration, Air Conditioning, Heating and the flexible and attractive source of energy ."Electricity" to serve these purposes, we seem to have forgotten passive air-conditioning techniques and designs those have been used since ages. Our paper deals with principle cost effectiveness and allocation of available production factors for optimum energy conservation as well as the new techniques for air conditioning & other applications, which help in conservation of energy. We also deal with the influence of energy audit and attempts to balance the total energy input correlating with production. A so-called modern building consumes almost half of its operational energy in cooling or heating the air. In present era of shortage of electrical energy and need of sustainable development, we have to think about the way we construct and design buildings before the natural energy reserves deplete and environment is polluted to the extreme. This paper brings forward some alternative air conditioning techniques to conserve energy and help our planet grow greener. We must conserve energy by all possible means as a bounden duty to those who come after us, our as yet unborn descendant.


Electricity is one of the most vital infrastructure inputs for economic development of a country. The demand of electricity in India is enormous and is growing steadily. The vast Indian electricity market, to ay offers one of the highest growth opportunities for private developers. In its quest for increasing availability of electricity, the country has adopted a blend of thermal, hydro and nuclear sources. Out of these, coal base thermal power plants an in some regions, hydro power plants have been the mainstay of electricity generation. Oil, natural gas an nuclear power Accounts for a smaller proportion. Of late, emphasis is also being laid on non-conventional energy sources i.e. solar, wind and tidal. Major share of the world’s energy consumption is governed by the decisions of architects and planners owing to the energy requirements for artificially controlled environments. Intensive use of conditioned air led To increased productivity and better space utilization at the cost of impacts on environment like depletion of ozone layer caused due to CFC. Awareness of the hazards to the environment and sustainable practices has a growing impact on technology development. Protecting our environment and exploiting the natural resources is of great concern in professional ethics. Using natural principals than the fossil fuels will definitely result into greener planet.

Principles of Energy Conservation:
Energy conservation means reduction in energy consumption but without making any sacrifice of quantity and quality of production. In other words, for the same energy consumption higher production. It does not prevent you, use of energy by fixing some limit quantitatively within the agreement but insists for use efficiently thus decreasing the cost of your production to some extent by way of reduction in the energy bill. Thus energy save is the money earned which would be use in other productive...

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