Energy Conservation in India

Topics: Energy conservation, Efficient energy use, Energy audit Pages: 4 (637 words) Published: December 17, 2010
India has made rapid strides towards economic self-reliance over the last few years. Impressive progress has been made in the fields of industry, agriculture, communication, transport and other sectors necessitating growing consumption of energy for developmental and economic activities. If India is to achieve the targeted growth in GDP, it would need commensurate input of energy, mainly commercial energy in the form of coal, oil, gas and electricity.


Schedule to EC Act provides list of 15 energy intensive industries and other establishments to be notified as designated consumers (DC). DCs to appoint or designate energy managers. Get energy audits conducted by accredited energy auditors and Implement techno-economic viable recommendations. Comply with norms of specific energy consumption fixed, and Submit report on steps taken This programme will initially focus on energy policy issues of energy efficiency improvement in organized sectors such as energy intensive industries and commercial sector through establishment of energy management system, capacity building of energy professionals, implementation of energy audits, establishments of specific energy consumption norms and support to consumers on providing information on authentic energy data c) ENERGY CONSERVATION BUILDING CODES Central Government to prepare guidelines on ECBC To be modified by States to suit local climatic conditions To be applicable to new buildings having connected load of 500 kW or more

Buildings (Private Sector) was also encouraging. In total, 32 buildings establishment participated (16 each in both types of establishments) and collectively saved Rs.36 million.

SUMMARY OF ENERGY SAVINGS ACHIEVED BY INDUSTRIAL UNITS PARTICIPATING IN MINISTRY OF POWER’S ENERGY CONSERVATION AWARD SCHEME (1999, 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004 & 2005) Year No. of participating units Savings in Rs. Crores Investment in Rs. Crores...
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