Energy and Renewable Resources in Pakistan

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A simple regression model was formed taking into consideration the wholesale prices of (fuel, oil and lighting) and GDP (FC) of Pakistan that influenced the production of gas in Pakistan. The results of chosen equation explaining the production of gas further revealed that the coefficients of wholesale prices was positive with the value of 3.8712. Moreover the coefficient was significant, thus indicating that wholesale prices of (fuel, oil and lighting) had significantly influenced the production of gas. Also the prices of (fuel, oil and lighting) increase then the demand of these decreases. So to fulfill the gap between demand and supply of these (fuel, oil and lighting) required we have to need to produce substitutes. Therefore, we use renewable energy resources (production of gas). Similarly, the coefficient of GDP was positive with the value of 52.096. Moreover the coefficient was significant, thus indicating that GDP (FC) had significantly influenced the production of gas.


There are various sources which generate power. They in brief are coal, oil, gas, waterfall, nuclear, solar, biogas, wind, manpower, and animals. In Pakistan the energy sector has not been handled with a sense of urgency .However, efforts are made to exploit the natural resources to build a strong exploration and production base. In Pakistan gap between the demand and supply of energy is always present. So Govt. is trying to find out new resources for energy generation. The total installed capacity of electricity generation stood 20190 MW(mega watt) in 2009 _10 out of which the total installed capacity ‘WAPDA’ stood at 11399 MW in 2009_10 .There are three types of resources which are mostly used in electricity generation Thermal electricity resources

Hydel power resources
Nuclear energy
Thermal electricity Resources:
These resources consist of coal, oil and gas and its total installed capacity stood at 4894 MW in 2009-10 Hydel power resources:
This sector is produced from water fall in Pakistan .Since the independence there is spectacular growth of electric power from 68 MW in 1947 to 6555 MW by March, 2010 from hydel generation Nuclear energy:

The main fuel capable of generating nuclear energy is the uranium. PAEC is responsible for nuclear power development in Pakistan. Its generation capacity 137MW in 1971. The Chashma nuclear power plant has also been constructed with the help of China. It has a gross capacity of 325MW. Renewable energy and its better use:

Due to price hike of oil since 1973-74 the less developed countries are now developing other renewable source of energy.These sources are Bio gas
Bio-gas projects:
Bio-gas which is produced from animal and plant wastes, is a very cheap source of energy .Bio-gas can be used for cooking, domestic lighting etc. As nearly 72% of our population live in village they can make the best use of this source of energy. Solar energy:

Many venders are importing solar water heater for sale. Some local manufactures are also involving information of this technology. The AEDB has launched a consumer confidence building programme for promotion of solar water heaters. Wind energy projects:

In winding areas the wind mills can be used for supplying electricity on a small scale .The wind mills can be used for pumping water for crops, grinding corn , crushing sugar cane , thrashing ,cutting of wood etc. AEDB has issued 4 letters of intent for wind power projects 3 for 50 MW and 1 for 24 MW. THEORATICAL BACKGROUND OF THE VARIABLES:

The purpose of study is to make relationship between production of gas GDP and wholes prices of fuel lighting and lubricants.

The wholesale price index numbers are designed to measure the dire ional movements of prices primary and wholesale markets.

Market value of all final goods and services produced...
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