Energy Alternatives and Nuclear Power

Topics: Nuclear power, Uranium, Energy development Pages: 4 (1360 words) Published: January 23, 2009
Energy crisis has become one of the major problem all over the world, Especially the developed world needs more energy, countries like USA, consumes 5times more energy than the rest of the world, however the developing countries like India and China are also in raise of energy consumptions, and these consumptions will increase. Even though fossil fuels were satisfying the people needs all these years, the emissions from it, called the green house gasses results in Global Warming, which has become a serious threat to the environment. Despite the fact that renewable energy from natural resources like sunlight, heat, tide, wind which are much safer to the environment, they can satisfy only 18 to 20% of the total energy needs. So the need for an efficient alternative for energy is on high demand. Nuclear power is being promoted as the preeminent substitute for fossil fuel and considered as the future of energy needs. In this essay we are going to analyse how it is feasible to the environment and to the people. First and foremost when considering the growing need of energy and environment, nuclear power will be the best option to choose among the available options. Nuclear is achieved by two processes, fission (splitting) and fusion (merging together) of nuclei of atoms. This process releases huge amount of heat energy, which is then converted into electricity, for example, it can produce 10million times more energy than burning of one fossil atom, which also need hectares of land with solar energy or equalant source of energy. The nuclear energy development which all started at a slow phase in 1950s with demonstration plants, moved to a different phase by the beginning of commercial nuclear power plants which were started by 1960s. However by the end of 1970, 30 to 40 nuclear plants were being manufactured and this continues each and every year. It is being predicted that Unites States will be running more than one thousand nuclear power plants by the end of the...
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