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Endometriosis Patient Education Plan
March 1, 2009
Endometriosis 2
Patient Assessment
Patient Information
This patient is a 34 year old white female, married with no children. She is a well educated lawyer, who exercises regularly, does not smoke or use illicit drugs, and only drinks socially. Approximately 5 years ago she was diagnosed with IBS, otherwise has no significant health history. The patient was recently diagnosed with endometriosis based on her menstruation history and pelvic exam. She states she began menstruating at age 15 with a long history of heavy, painful periods that have progressively become worse. The patient also complains of painful intercourse in the few days prior to her menstrual cycle. She also has a long history of tampon use and denies any history of oral contraceptives use. Patient Education Level

learning. The patient has read the hand outs provided by her gynecologist, and researched endometriosis at her local library and on the internet. The patient verbalizes that she is aware that the endometrial tissue outside her uterus is growing abnormally and becomes misplaced to other areas of her body. She also states that although there is no known cause, that tampon use may be a culprit in “retrograde or reverse menstruation flow (Wood, 2009),” where the endometrial tissue backs up in to the fallopian tubes and ovaries. The patient recently read an article in Prevention magazine advising women with IBS to seek second opinions, due to “IBS and endometriosis display the same symptoms and many women are being misdiagnosed each year (Nestel, 2009).” She is aware of available diagnostic testing and procedures to confirm her diagnosis of endometriosis; Ultrasound, MRI, CT, laparoscopy, and biopsy. The patient is inquisitive and motivated to learn more about her diagnosis and is capable of asking appropriate questions to medical personal.


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