Endless Rode to the Future

Topics: Poverty, Future, World Pages: 2 (700 words) Published: March 10, 2013
A story always starts off with the beginning. Though a writer might decide to begin from the climax, there will always be a past to unfold the cause. Likewise, the future cannot be predicted without the present to plan with, and the past as its significant foundation.

The world’s creation is an endless parable distinguished by mankind of different beliefs. Various books were published, showing proofs of the beginning while some have already predicted the ending of the world. This must awaken the minds of the innocent and neglectful; the youth whose mind is enclosed with futile desires—that the future lives within them.

What has taken us to where we are today is the past that has changed us along the way. Two world wars had already occurred, triggered by many factors including rivalry for wealth, power, and prestige. Countless lives were wasted; blood and tears were shed. This was how war affected the world. But if you look on the positive side of it, didn’t these wars also served as a bridge to open the minds of the sleeping? Did it not also cause the unity among the nations that brought in peace and order? And most of all, was it not also the reason behind the technology that we benefit from?

The world has changed a lot; but we humans are still driven by the same basic needs as we were years ago; food, sleep, shelter, and the feeling of being appreciated and loved. However, modern technology has given us more of what we need. It gave us the freedom to communicate, and to get in control of the time and world. This is the modern era; the period where the lives of the people revolve around technology.

Imagine the place we live in twenty years from now; will it not be surrounded by more inventions? The fact that technology has really made life easier is indeed true. However, as it seems to become the center of human’s life, other things that people have to pay attention to can be nudged easily particularly by entertainment that...
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