Endless NIght

Topics: Mother, The Devil Went Down to Georgia, Dance Pages: 2 (707 words) Published: December 3, 2013
 Julio Martinez
March 1st, 2012
Endless Night The flashes, the smoke that was coming out from the Dj’s desk and the loud music, where the things that started the party. Like a hundred people inside a three-room apartment in the Bronx. All of my panas were there, also people from my school that at some point I hung out with. It was called Party Del Cotize Vol. 2, because that was the second time Jeremy was throwing it. The first one was a blast too. He was one of the most popular guys in the neighborhood, because of his “swag” and because he was extremely outgoing, or maybe just because he throws fancy parties. I remember having a fight with my mother because she did not want me to go there because she knew it was going to be dangerous, you know, mothers’ know-it-all moments. She said that guy was the black sheep of the bloque, and that me and my brother should stay away from him. For her, he used to deal with drugs and selling “illegal” drinks, but we knew that those were just excuses because she didn’t like him. And as always, my father didn’t give any opinion. The party started at 10:00 because the DJ was preparing the mixes. Before he arrived we were only dancing to mambo songs, which wasn’t really what we expected, but as soon as the DJ came through the door and got ready the party started. It didn’t even have an hour after it started and there was a smell of marihuana that I had to go in and out every 10 minutes, I wasn’t used to it. Also, there were a bunch of girls throwing up due to the high quantity of alcohol they consumed, and obviously their bodies couldn’t resist it. The heat of the sweat of each and every person made me forget that it was 18 Degrees outside. The hookah made the party look like sky above an industry, smoke spread all around. Despite those mishaps everything was good. The people inside never...
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