Ending Someones Life

Topics: Patient, Physician, Medicine Pages: 2 (666 words) Published: December 4, 2012
Derlin Fernandez
Argument Essay
Do you think some humans have the right to end other people lives? Everyone have different opinion on this kind of questions. Some people have physical pain that they can’t handle because they suffer from cancer and other diseases. Some people believe that doctors and family members should never be allowed, but others believe that under certain situations it may be more helpful to do so. In my opinion, doctors and families should never be allowed to end someone’s life because doctors’ approach is to save lives and people don’t have the right to end someone’s life, and it depend in which situation the patient is. Doctors’ approach or objectives is to save lives and not to end them. Doctors get paid to make people’s lives healthier, and give them the right medicines or treatments to make them feel better. They can’t assist to end their lives just because those people have only certain amount of time to die. If this is allowed doctors will give up easily on their patients and they should never give up on making them feel better or trying save their lives. Actually, the doctors are professionals to give prescribe medicines or treatments to speed up the process of recovery from illness and are not there to take people lives away. People don’t have the right to end someone’s life, and should let them died naturally by their diseases. Humans didn’t create life or didn’t create that person to take his life away from him. Not even that person who is dying have the right to take his own life because according to some religions God Jesus Christ is the only one who could end their lives, which is naturally. We can’t never allow doctors and family members to end other people lives, and if there is nothing they can’t do just let them died naturally by their illness. It depends in what situation the patient is and I don’t think this is a way from taking their live away. For example, if a patient have four years on intensive care and...
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