Enders Game Journal Entries

Topics: Ender's Game, Orson Scott Card, Speaker for the Dead Pages: 3 (660 words) Published: September 3, 2007
Ender's Game Journal Entries

Chapter 1: Question 2

Ender is a third, a third child, he is monitored by the government and can think like a adult, for example he could predict what would happen if he didn't beat up Stilson and ran away. He is harassed daily both physically and mentally because he was a third, no one will be able to understand the humiliation Ender faces unless you to are a third., so when it came down to the fight with Stilson, he just wanted it to stop, even though it means breaking rules. All Ender wants is peace, people have to understand, he did it as an act of self defense and he had to make a stand. Rules are meant to be broken, put yourself in enders shoes, I'm pretty sure everyone will do the same thing, we can't help it, its basic primitive human instincts to survive and protect ourself, even if it means breaking social rules.

Chapter 2: Question 7

Dear Orson Scott Card

In your book "Enders Game" I believe the children are too adultish, its like you put adults in the book but they are only 6 years old. The children are calcalative, ruthless and show all the characteristics of an adult and can even think like an adult . Like in the example when Peter was showing a killing intent to Valentine and Ender, threatening them just like adults do. Card, is that how children really think, if it were then id say we would have a lot of wild uncontrollable children in the world right now. Don't you think that the characteristics, attitude and personalites are a little too unrealistic for children that young. Children, do not have killing intent when they are that done, sure they might get angry and maybe a little older hurt someone but not when they are like 6 years old, when I was 10 I could only think about school holidays and having fun, I never had ambitions and dreams so far of in the future such as Peter

That's why I believe the complains from the people, I can see the point of view there are coming from.

Thank you for your...
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