Enders Game Book Report

Topics: Ender's Game, Speaker for the Dead, Ender Wiggin Pages: 3 (966 words) Published: September 16, 2013

Throughout time the human race has built their own method of survival, whether they were trained to do it or it came from their natural instinct. In the novel “Enders Game” by American author Orson Scott Card, he talks about two different species battling to survive. Explaining that you do not only need the strength to build your army but you also need the intelligence to overcome your opponents, using strategies your enemies have never thought of. The “Enders Game” is a military science fiction novel in which humans and aliens are battling to save mankind. This novels starts off with six years old Andrew Ender Wiggin who is the youngest of the Wiggin’s family. Enders is constantly made fun of in school and also tormented by his older brother Peter. Enders is also called a “Third” because he was the third child born under the Earth’s two child policy. Ender has a sister who understands him and loves him, Which Ender gets along with. As it starts off Enders has a monitoring device on the back of his neck but later gets removed which is when all the bullying starts. The day Enders goes back to school without the device he is confronted by one of his bully’s Stilson , Enders being tired of the bullying decided the only way it would stop would be by standing up for himself which leads him to beating the bully up and leaving him in serious conditions ending up in the hospital. Despite Enders knowing that his every move was being monitored he thought to himself he didn’t want to be weak anymore and this was the only way he would show superiority. That same day after Ender gets back home he is surprised by a visit from Colonel Hyrum Graff a member of the Command School where they train all there troops to fight the Formics also known as the “Buggers” an alien species. At first the Wiggin’s family is surprised that Col. Graff has asked to take Ender instead of his brother Peter. Peter was known as the stronger sibling and highly...
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