Enders Game

Topics: War, Low-angle shot, Anger Pages: 2 (852 words) Published: October 28, 2014

Essay Question: Was it unjust of Colonel Graff to manipulate kids like Ender because of the physical and mental consequences and frightful exposure to violence and homesickness that would lie ahead for the launches. Throughout time children have always been symbolic of innocence; a reflection upon society's mindset which is why Colonel Graff's actions regarding the treatment of the children is such an abhorrent act. Although ability wise, children in the military school like Ender are mature, their emotional development is at the same stage as ordinary children outside the war based environment that they are faced with. This vulnerability ever present in children means that the audience feels that the manipulative acts by Graff towards Ender are unethical and acts of an apathetic person. This treatment by Graff also results in the development of a sense of isolation between Ender and ordinary people including his family and classmates. Colonel Graff’s manipulation towards Ender had formed not just an unhealthy relationship between the two of them as well as enabling Ender to be so susceptible in his agreement to perform violent acts.   

It is clearly established throughout the entire movie how intelligent children like Ender are. However these gifted children are being used for unjust things like war and battling. Children within this age group should remain innocent and lives without feeling constant fear of the consequences of war and battle. Ominous music and dark lighting is used in almost every scene of Enders game, symbolic of the grief that the children have to experience daily at battle school. Ender in particular, throughout the entirety of the film is in constant state of fear and often faced with having to make decisions about the most excruciating of circumstances. In the second scene in Enders game we see a low angle shot of his face before his monitor is removed in conjunction with strong facial expressions of fear and anguish. His emotion are...
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