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Ender's Leadership
In Orson Scott Card's Ender's Game, Andrew Wiggin, or Ender, is put in a position of authority many times. Ender uses many strategies to become an effective leader as well as tactician. Some of the strategies Ender uses are; praising Bean for his quick learning, and also using unorthodox methods. Praising bean for his learning ability is an effective strategy for leading because it made all of the other soldiers want the praise ender gave and not the shame of coming in second. Using unorthodox methods in his command system makes ender a more effective leader because he is allowed to rely more on the structure of his command system to eliminate insubordination. In my opinion Ender is one of the finest, most efficient leaders ever written.

VADM James B. Stockdale Center for Ethical Leadership is correct when he says "Good leadership comes down to these four C's: Competence, Confidence, Caring, and Challenge." Ender is able to use these four C's to make people want to follow him because of how he demonstrates them. Ender is able to be competent and confident in the battle room, not only when he is training his soldiers but when he is in a battle with them also. Ender is caring because of how he wants to make sure that everyone knows what to do during practice sessions. Lastly, Ender is able to challenge the game in ways it has never been challenged, such as the way he goes about executing his formations, as well as he is able to stand up to the challenge of winning.

"I don't have to be your commander anymore, do I?" asked Ender. "I don't want to command anybody again." "You don't have to command anybody," said Dink, "but you're always our commander." (Scott Card 303). This quote represents how much respect Ender has gotten just for being a commander. Ender is a very competent person, he has gotten so much respect from Dink and his other soldiers that will follow him no matter the circumstance. This wonderful statement shows how wonderful a...
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