Ender's Game Book Report

Topics: Ender's Game, Orson Scott Card, Speaker for the Dead Pages: 3 (978 words) Published: November 6, 2008
Born To Lead

In the novel Ender's Game by Orson Scott Card, the main character Ender is put up against one of the toughest challenges on his life. He becomes aware of his challenge when he becomes a little older, yet before that, little did he know that he will have to save the world. Ender in Enders Game is portrayed as a natural leader and fighter who is a killer at heart and can use his understanding of the enemy and natural skill to kill to destroy them. However, once he understands his enemy, he also feels compassion for his enemy. And because of this compassion, he hates himself for destroying his enemy. At the beginning of the story, Ender lives with one mean older sibling named Peter who always bullies him. He also lives with a loving older sister named Valentine, and because he has two older siblings, he was considered a "third". Ender and Peter were both competing to go to battle school in space, where they would learn to fight and destroy the buggers who want to destroy Earth. However, Ender was the only one to get accepted since Peter was too ruthless. Once in battle school Ender does very well for the time he was there and was promoted quickly. Soon, he was in Command school at a record young age. He does simulations of battles with the buggers and wins every single one of them. In the end he found out that the simulations were real and he had destroyed all the buggers but one, to whom he promised to let live in a safe place on a planet far away. Ender is characterized by his reactions in three key situations: When he is at home with his sister, in battle at the battle school, and with his enemies.

In the beginning, Ender is living on Earth with his father, mother, brother, and sister. His brother treats him like he is an alien just because he was the third born child so he would pick on him, call him names, and even beat him up. Yet even though he could be mean too, his compassion for his sister kept him from becoming a monster like Peter....
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